Monday, 3 January 2011

Central vs Suburbia

It seemed like a great chance.  Wow a flat in Vauxhall and cheap.  Let move I told my partner.  It's ok it'll be good living in Zone 1 (well the edge of Zone 1/2)  Lets move in.  I don't really want to move my partner exclaimed to me.  I managed to talk him into visiting the flat, just to see.  We went and it all seemed so good.  Nice flat, great location but behind was a dark area of despair.............the landlady! "It's okay!" she told us you can move in and do what ever you want with the place, we won't be here much and  you can make it your home!"  Living 20 mins walk to Big Ben seemed like a great idea and a bonus it being the next best thing to Soho from a gay point of view was even more inviting.  We could pop into Barcode when we wanted for a quick drink, it was our local (we went twice in the 6 months we lived there!)

Clapham was up the road, great we have friends who live there and it'll be fun (We went to Clapham probably 5 times in the 6 months we lived there!) The most ironic thing about living in Vauxhall that our flat nearly looked over Fire, which was the place I lived in mostly a couple of years back (Never stepped foot in the door for the 6 months we lived there!) and it was soooo annoying to hear all the drugged f*&ked, pissed people screaming outside my bedroom window.

So, six months passed and we'd had enough,  the Landlady turned out to be a neurotic pre menstrual psycotic nut case who made the freaky neighbour look like Mother Theresa.   We decided to look for another place.  We decided to buy.  Zone 1/2 was too expensive, so we looked a bit further afield in Zone 2.  Nunhead screamed at us.  We looked at a few places and made a couple of offers,  2 were turned down.  Then we went back to our original viewing.  A lovely 1 bedroomed house, 1 second walk from the station and on the edge of East Dulwich, the place where people want to live but can't afford it. We got a great deal.  We moved in just before Christmas and have made the house our HOME and love it.

So, the debate is Central or Suburbia???

Well for me you can keep Central, it's too noisy,  you maybe near to everything, but you don't really go anywhere (or is that just me?!) and I'd rather live somewhere where there's no screaming people pissing on your doorstep and being sick in your letterbox.

I'm looking forward to our future in the suburb of Nunhead and hear it's really rocking.

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