Monday, 3 January 2011

To lose a friend (Dedicated to the friends I've lost)

You came, from somewhere far away,
A part of my life, destined to stay,
To help me find my path of life,
To keep me in touch with sanity,

You led me to good things in my time,
My life with you
 was always sublime.
No matter what I did in life
You always made me feel alive.

You pushed me to fulfil my dreams,
Never judging, or holding me back,
And always when there was strife,
You encourage me to move on in my life.

You saved me from killing my soul,
Bringing me back to make me whole,
I travelled far and travelled wide,
Knowing that you were by my side.

You made me laugh,
You watched me cry,
Why did you have to go and die?

The memories of the years gone by,
They make me laugh,
They make me cry.
Why did you have to go and die?

The loss of you still hurts deep,
The pain of which still makes me weep.
No day goes by I don’t try and hide
the emptiness I feel inside.
Why did you have to go and die?

I remember well that fateful day,
You told me you’d be taken away,
It crushed me deep in my heart,
The thought some day we’d be apart.

The only thing that I could do,
Was stop my life and come to you.
I tried my best to keep a smile.
Why did you have to go and die!

I watched you slowly slip away,
There’s nothing really I could say,
I held your hand and watched you die
What could I do but sit and cry.

Some times I think the pain has gone
I know I’m not the only one.
You touched the hearts of lots of lives.
Why did you have to go and die!

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